Code Generation  

The full name of this tool is Code-Xml-Schema. aka Code-Excess.  An online tool that extends the Microsoft XSD.EXE tool to provide code generation for multi-file, multi-include, complex W3C schemas.  The tool can be run from here.

Documentation Tools  spy.doc

spy.doc documents XML-schemas using the Altova® XMLSpy® XML-schema documentation format to produce Microsoft® HTML Help documentation (.chm) files that feature auto-generated Table-of-contents, Index, and full-text search.
  spy.doc Home Page

South African ID Validator  

Validate a South African ID Document number - try the Online tool. Read about it on Willem's blog.

Code-To-HTML Convertor   Convert C#/VB.NET code to HTML - try the Online tool. Read about it on Willem's blog.
XPKey   Recover your XP Product Key from the System Registry. Read about it here:
  Win32 XP Key Recovery Utility
  Recover your XP product key from the registry using C#

Get the application executable and source-code here:
  Download XPKey Console Application
  Download XPKey Source Code

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