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Version 0.57ß - 13 Jul 2006
Copyright © 2006 Businessware Architects START

Code-XS adds the following features to the code generated by XSD.EXE:

  • Corrected use of elements with reserved-keyword names.  
  • Support for multi-included schemas using relative schemaLocation directory specifiers.
  • Support for single or multi-namespace, multi-file schemas.
  • Multi-file code generation where each schema file has a corresponding code file.
  • Fields are made private and set/get properties defined for each field.
  • Un-bounded schema element sets are held in typed collections which provide add, insert, remove functionality and indexed referencing.
  • Default construction of elements if they are referenced but not yet created.
  • Correct handling of defaulted schema attribute values.
  • Correct handling of both qualified and unqualified schema element and attribute forms.
  • Correct generation of the schemaLocation or noNamespaceSchemaLocation attribute in the root element mapping to the referenced schema used during code generation.
  • Some language fixup constructs to avoid compile errors.  This is particularly important for the correct code generation in the VB.NET case.
  • Standard serialization support to easily serialize to and from XML strings. This includes methods in each class as well as a separate serialization support class.
  • Extensive VS/nDoc/MSDN compliant documentation comments.
  • Generates fully-compliant serialization classes that can be passed as parameters and accepted as return values to ASP.NET web-service methods.
  • Successfully generates code for very large and complex schemas.
  • Generates code for VS2005/.NET 2.0, and VS2003/.NET 1.1.
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